On the 4th of May, Monara prepares for a thorough body scrub.

We move her in the drydock of Moordtgat in Antwerp, to have a look at her hull. The proud old lady comes up with a huge beard, covered in barnacles, enormeous oysters, mussels and a large variety of other British marine life. Amazing that the food and drug administration didn’t stop us on our way out of the UK for smuggling ‘Fruits de Mer’.

2016-05-04 17.24.11 We had to rent a 200 bar compressor to get some of it off. Most of the shells and barnacles would only let go under a pallet knife.

Sanding with grade 40 to 60 takes off most of the barnacle footprints, although most of the calcium residu is hard to remove.

2016-05-06 16.00.37We apply two layers of black and two layer of red Awlgrip Gold Label antifouling. The waterline gets a dark blue touch.

The topdeck needs some attention as well, so after scrubbing it down with a degreaser, she gets a fresh layer of Interdeck 925 squall blue.

16 anodes of 10.6 kg, 6 anodes of 3.5 kg – 190 kgs of zink, to prevent the corrosion from coming closer!

the end 2By May 9th, Monara looks like reborn. She can’t wait to get back into the water, in preparation of the summer cruise.

Thank you for all the helping hands!!

dek the end 5


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