Communications on board Monara

Imagine our world without wifi, without 4G, without Instagram, without Facebook, no Google, Snapchat or Tiktok, no online Netflix or Spotify. That’s Monara at sea!

And try to sell that to your young crew…

In order to be able to communicate, we have made some choices:

A wifi hotspot extender catches public or private networks using a dedicated antenna, and provides a private Monara network. A 4G network takes over when the wifi drops out.

As roaming tarifs outside Europe can be really expensive, we will buy prepaid data SIM cards in different countries. One card covering 70+ countries is our backbone ( excuse the french…).

To cover our offshore communications, in order to pick up recent weather forecasts and establish a basic data and voice connection, but also in case of emergency, the Iridium Go! must take over. ( The Iridium network operates from anywhere on the globe.

The Predictwind weather forecast service ( co-operates with Iridium to guarantee constant weather updates.

Finally, in case of emergency, we will be able to activate our Epirb.

Maybe it will remain a dream, but we do follow the Starlink launches closely, as we would love to install a Starlink antenna on Monara, which could replace most of our communication equipment, giving us a warp speed data connection globally. Anybody can put in a good word with Elon? We will gladly be his ambassador! (

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